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Music Monday: Jordan Hart & Emily Schultz

Meeting Jordan Hart & Emily Schultz:  I was in a moment & completely absorbed in it, it was last birthday, and I had a small army prepare a day for me. Likely I will NEVER forget it. Imagine a bridge, in the middle of the woods in a torrential rainstorm. NOTE: This is what I love, the elements and I go waaaay back. Birthday Surprises on a Bridge. It was there that I heard Jordan sing, you see he was my birthday surprise, a cover of my favorite song  in the middle of a storm.

Music & Nature & Supermoons and a Happy Birthday to me.

As we hiked out and headed to our cabin, I had the chance to talk to both Emily and Jordan and it was then that I had my first inkling of serendipity. I knew then worlds were colliding, and that was also a gift.

Life is Beautiful, and all the things in it too.


That night, Jordan & Emily played a private concert under a super-moon, we drank 1985 champagne brought home from South Africa out of dollar store martini glasses, it was such a fun night.

The next day, after the dust settled I had more of a chance to speak to the performers. It became clear that these were no ordinary people; I learned through that conversation and many more to follow that they are passionate entrepreneurs hungry for the opportunity to hone crafts, while effecting change. Something we at LBH respect and support. Jordan and Emily don’t just want to sing and perform, they wanted to impact the world positively through music.


They are story tellers, and music is the medium, the voice to express themselves. Each hailing from Alberta, yet having walked down different and unique contemporary paths, as fate would intervene – have united again. Emily, a theater graduate and ballet dancer also has a voice which is shockingly graceful while powerful enough to turn heads across the street.

Jordan whom is so passionate it radiates from his being, an accomplished pianist, and guitar player Jordan spent over 300 days busking on Granville in Vancouver’s entertainment district before getting picked up by a lable to record his first EP. Now with his song on the radio, Jordan is spending time writing and recording, putting voice to words that can no longer be contained within.


TONIGHT: Jordan and Emily have just wrapped up a mini tour with a final show from there ComingHomeTour, at our very own Skinny Fat Jack’s on Main. You can find all the details here on FB.

A message from Emily: Hey guys!! We can’t wait to see y’all tonight. Doors are at 8, and Homeless Chic opens at 9. Come have some great food and hang out with us! Tickets are by donation 🙂

Body Language: 

Words by | Deanna Beaudoin


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