100 Happy Days: 3


I am a gypsy. I live a vary passionate, gypsy life. On one side we have my Media business that is busy & thriving and I am loving the creative process and new challenges. On the other side – which is completely different yet I value it more than I can explain is my nurturing, spiritual realm.

I am so fortunate to have the opportunity to wield in and out of young lives during some of the most formative and impacting years.

As anyone in any kind of eduction space knows you can toil for years and years with out constellation of the realization of “fruit”. What I mean by that is – the knowledge that you have for certain impacted a young soul.

Rarely though there are moments only to be described as gifts. Pure and simple. That’s what happened to me on Saturday night. I former student of mine turned up at an event with a joyful heart and directed mind. He has come full circle, and by sharing that process with me absolutely made my day.