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100 Happy Days: 6

Today has been a tough one. I received some news that rocked my world and since have been in a bit of a tailspin. Rather an un-happy day I’d say. But… that’s kinda the point of this challenge right? Do the best we can with what we’ve got. Look for happy even in the formidable un-happy.


I always am consoled by the natural beauty that surrounds each of my days. That in itself could probably be responsible for all one hundred of my happy posts.

Today though I am dedicating to a friend – and now a client of mine. After some council and a loose plan for proactive self love & change – we’ve decided to walk through a 12×12 together. He sent me a progress report and honestly it made my day. He took the first step to self empowerment and joy filled living. I had tears of joy, I know how hard that was – all of it is. Who am I to witness, what a gift.

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