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The self vs The ego.

This is something people ask me about often and personally I come up against it time and time again, interestingly this week alone, I witnessed an experience on either side.


I believe in the “greater good” theory.

As in – we are here on this planet and all that we do.. contribute to and offer might just be (if we are so intentional) for the greater good of us all.

I like to think in my own way I am contributing something positive to the world. I hesitate to think at anytime that I am superior to my neighbour or that any part of me is “better” based on some superficial measure of capitol or hedonistic reasoning.

noun: neighbour
1. a person living near or next door to the speaker or person referred to. "our garden was the envy of the neighbors"
2. a person or place in relation to others near or next to it.
"I chatted with my neighbor on the flight to New York"
3. any person in need of one's help or kindness.
"love thy neighbor as thyself" 

I am open to learn from you (the proverbial YOU) from each of my daily encounters and my experiences both perceived positive AND negative. I hope that through meditation, education and grace that I have come to a place of maturity where as I can discern the path – knowing which is growth education and which isn’t. 

Let’s be honest, this isn’t an infallible plan. I make wrong choices, have chosen wrong in the past and fully accept that in the future I will once again. However it sure as hell beats aimlessly wondering though life in a lukewarm half existence. I feel like my days matter and that’s important to me, being evolutionary is important to me.

This openness to the greater good to be clear is NOT a process of being a pushover and being okay with all that is being floated in front of us day to day, it’s not anti conflict but rather an intantionallity, it’s a place of vulnerability and openness with clear and intentional, intelligent and intuitive boundaries.

This week, I was on the book’ and encountered this very vulnerable message with an ask attached. As I read through I thought to myself, what a beautifully human experience.


I truly believe that if all people were encouraged to become more vulnerable with one another and were inspired to always received others with compassion and a sense of interdependence our world and our individual lives would look a lot different. ~ Masson Normand

This is precisely what I am referring to when I speak of the greater good. The self’ is all – inclusive, it’s interconnected and fully aware that we are  with one beating heart and the same pumping blood. Regardless of our exteriors shells, our walks of life or our worldly positional regions; our inner beings are ONE. The ego’ on the other hand is that little whispery voice that shines light onto just you, that raises you up above those around you, that highlights the differences and minimizes the sameness.

I think this gentleman in the post above has set an exemplary example of letting go of the ego and focusing only on the most true self – it’s vulnerable for sure but it’s also what alive feels like.

Remember to allow yourself to also become more vulnerable and receive others with compassion. ~ Masson Normand

I challenge you the very same: today pay attention to both your inner intention and your exterior actions and witness that subtle place that teeters between self & ego.


words by | miss d

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