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30 Day Cleanse: Oops

Day 15

Let me start this by saying no one is perfect. Right?

Yesterday I failed to follow my strict diet on the 30-day cleanse due to a Christmas party. I knew ahead of time that it would be a tough party to attend without being able to take part in all the festivities. This Christmas party had a decadent, plated, served lunch, where I was surrounded by plenty of friends and colleagues happy to put a cocktail in your hand if you didn’t have one.


So I gave in a little… okay, maybe a lot. After not having alcohol for almost two weeks, there was a big feeling of guilt as I sipped into that first vodka soda. However, as the afternoon went on the festivities continued and I decided I was only human… soooo time to  have some fun.


I tried my best to navigate around the food options, opting for the Gluten-Free menu choice that had a quinoa salad and veggies instead of mashed potatoes. Completely avoided the absolutely delicious looking crème brûlée and chocolate brownies on a stick… and didn’t have any sugary cocktails or wine. I even did the old trick of having a few plain soda waters with lime just to make sure it looked like there was always a drink in my hand.

This is a great idea: Tell your waitress this "plan" early on to save yourself some calories through the night without having to explain why you aren't drinking. #lifehack

Yes, there was guilt. But while I woke up this morning with that terrible feeling of a hangover, I was still proud of myself for not giving up on the day completely and giving in to all the delicacies I could have, because let me tell you – those chocolates on the table looked amazing! I’m still drooling thinking about them as I type this up over my healthy poached eggs and spinach 🙂

The Foodie Diaries Poached Eggs w Spinach & Avocado (Recipe) 3

One day probably wont kill me… but sticking to this cleanse for the next two weeks is going to be even tougher with the Whistler Film Festival coming up, a private cooking lesson and a staff party.

Hardest time of the year to do it, but I’m determined to continue on! Wish me luck!

words by | Taylor Jukes 

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