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30 Day Cleanse: Done, Finished, CLEAN. Now let’s begin.

Day 30.

Long overdue for the ‘closing’ to the 30-day cleanse blogs started back in November, I have to admit something… I didn’t see it through for the full 30 days. Yes, I made it through most of it, but about 3 weeks in, an industry event, vodka consumed & then post vodka… we jumped right into the holiday season. Happy HOLIDAYS!!


A little back story:

We’re into December and surrounded by smiling, encouraging faces saying things such as…

“It’s almost over, just have a drink!!!”.

I completely caved on the alcohol part. However, I did eat as healthy as possible for the full 30 days, I continued to take the cleansing pills and actually I feel pretty darn good going into my vacation the season. Bring on Hawaii.


Having tried to follow through for me was just as good as actually doing the full 30 days. That extra encouragement to get the gym 4-5 times a week, to drink more water and to eat more vegetables was totally worth it!

When vacation time finally rolled around, I continued to work out each day, jogging the Canal in Waikiki, riding the Ironman highway in Kona, eating a lot of ahi tacos and salads (not wanting to undo everything achieved) and feeling really good about how I was treating my body.

At the end of the day, there is renewed faith on month-long cleanses, their purpose on resetting not only how your body feels, but how you value yourself. The 2015 to-do list will likely include both a Spring and Fall 30-day cleanse, because maintaining that balance feels good. Cheer’s to a new beginning!

At the end of the year, even if I only deserve a B for 80% effort, it still feels like a grade worth writing about. 😉

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