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Can’t sleep.

I’ve been laying here for a few hours looking up at random star constellations that I don’t recognize, that’s strange for me as I’ve spent my entire life looking up, […]

Love Being Here

Now that I am actually here, I’ve realized posting from my ipad is going to be a challenge. That is a sign for me to be present, so be it. […]

Tales from the Dam.

Arrival: First thoughts. After the run around in Seattle we arrived into Amsterdam about 2.5 hours behind schedule. My first thoughts, having never been to this city before was that […]

Day One

Where to even begin. Today is a day of everything and nothing. This post will be brought to you from 30 000 feet. My iPad tells me it’s 7:20pm.. Thus […]

Life Hacker Post: $86,400.00

I’ll be happy when… All night I’ve been tossing and turning. Thinking about a friend of mine, Kyle. Kyle’s had some heart trouble recently most probably related to stress/high blood […]

Simply Saturday

There is something deeply rewarding to me about spending a Monsoon Rainy Saturday at home reading, it’s intentional. It’s quiet. It’s safe. It’s peaceful even in a house full of […]

Man in the Arena VS Invictus, my thoughts.

What is the common denominator between the prose; Invictus,  sometimes knows as “The Night that Covers Me” by William Ernest Henley, & The Man in the Arena, taken from Theodore […]

Nature Therapy

Having a bad day? Might I introduce you to my very favourite stress busting healer: Nature Therapy. Short Definition: Simply head into nature & start sweating out some stress. Much cheaper […]

Trust the Process

Influence. I have this theory.. (okay, if you stick around awhile you will notice I have a LOT of theories.. I am perpetually thinking. I probably should have been a […]

Taming of the Beast!

  What happens in my neighbourhood the day I  randomly decide to take a different route home from work?? Wild things happen…  I encountered a WILDEBEEST. Fear not, I faired […]