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The self vs The ego.

This is something people ask me about often and personally I come up against it time and time again, interestingly this week alone, I witnessed an experience on either side. I […]

30 days of Self Care

Energy is an interesting thing. I can go from this: to Preeeetty quickly. Post Adventure. Post Traveling. Post Deadline.  Coming down is always so hard for me. Yesterday I was […]

The Human Condition – Balance

  The last few days I am and have been actively in one of those mysterious opportunities which come around exactly when they are most needed. In order for the […]

Operation: Ally’s Wish.

Please click the picture below, I’d like to introduce you to Ally Sadorsky, and invite you to join me in making this wish possible. Thank you abundantly!


Look at this face, centre of the photo,  grey/blue jersey... Look at her face, literally study it for a moment.  Jaw clenched,  posture is aggressive, she looks determined. This rider is […]

F*&K You, Man.

As I write this post, exteriorly everything is lovely… this view. Yes. BUT. Do you ever find your self here? Hands thrown up, that one curly piece of hair falling […]

Alberni Inlet Trail: To the Coast

It’s that time of year again, actually let’s be honest.. this actually happens at all times of the year 🙂 However, I have a new hiking partner and what happens […]

PRD, this ones for you.

Let’s look waaay back, to 2005 for today’s edition of Music Monday. In keeping with my Life is Beautiful theme, I am still working through the long list of chosen […]