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Alberni Inlet Trail: To the Coast


It’s that time of year again, actually let’s be honest.. this actually happens at all times of the year 🙂 However, I have a new hiking partner and what happens when you put two adventurous souls together?? New Trails!

Let me introduce: Alberni Inlet Trail, Port Alberni BC


Foxgloves as tall as me, lining the trails.


Bee's Pollenating, love seeing that.


After getting through the traditional route and leaving the path leading to the Scout Lookout – we encountered quiet.. bliss.. that spongy green flora that is so aesthetically beautiful and tangibly quiet. My soul yearns, literally yearns for this.


As we wandered along the winding path, we were greeted by a hummingbird.. It was friendly, following us for a time.


Hummingbird Love, Beauty, Intelligence, Spirit Messenger that represents friendship and playfulness.


A ravine; leading us towards the ocean.


Natures windows, naturally framed.


You are here.


I love it when magically, seemingly magically the light breaks through the trees, highlighting all that is good and just in the world.


This held me for a time, a bubbling waterfall.


These are the types of places that I love the best, unexpected, safe, green, with movement, weather it’s wind or water… It restores me.


Through out the whole trail I was very impressed that how well it was maintained.


Interesting, two roads moment.. we were at a cross road. The trail shifted directly up – meaning we were about to embark on the long winding climb to get out of this trail system. OR there was a relatively unused trail leading towards the ocean. I made my case for walking just five minutes further and this is what we found…


A well organized shanty homestead.

Shelter, Water intake, clothes lines.



In a moment like this – doesn’t it make you wonder even just for a moment how enjoyable it would be simple to go “off the grid” ?? This simple homesteader did it – and who knows the circumstance as we didn’t encounter any people but… it sure makes me think.


This was the real reward in being resistant on the trail. We came upon a beach. This beach.



Finally after a beautifully rejuvenating hike – it was time to go home.



I so encourage everyone to seek this place out – it is one of the more beautiful hikes I have done in a while.

Be well readers, and remember..


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