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30 Day Cleanse: There’s an App For that.

Day 5: Help from a  Friend?

Now that I’m a few days into the cleanse, I’m past the easy-breezy pace of the weekend. Back to 10-12 hour workdays, where the only hope of not cheating on the diet is to sit on the other side of the boardroom table. The side AWAY from the nacho chips, leftover Halloween candy and diet sodas. (Nope, can’t even have one of those when you’re trying to treat your body with respect!)

Support Network

Next, I’m building a support network. Family, friends, facebook, Instagram followers, co-workers… I’m announcing what I’m doing to almost everyone I see. Not because I want to talk about it, but more so they:

a) Don't offer me chocolate or wine
B) Offer advice on exercise or healthy eating practices
C) Call me out if they see me going near the junk food that's always in the kitchen at work

 My Fitness Pal

So far I have a few good friends who are also on similar cleanses or ‘get healthy before the holidays’ kicks. We have connected on a great, easy to use fitness and calorie-tracking free App called My Fitness Pal. It’s amazing what happens when you write down what you eat… you can realize it’s too much! And although I’m sticking to the restricted food diet on the cleanse, I’m still eating too many fats! Oops. Always room for improvement.

At the end of the day once you enter your food and exercise into the App it tells you your projected body weight if you were to continue eating and working out like you did today. (It was a good day).


Get the App

It’s sort of fun to track the progress of your friends and you can like and comment on their progress too.


Words by | Taylor Jukes 

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