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Ted Talk Tuesday: Vincent Moon

It’s no secret that I have made it a habit to listen to a daily Ted talk as I am getting ready for work. If you know me personally, I have probably texted one or two.. or ten to you as I am challenged to awe or inspiration. I like to share my process.

In fact as I am evolving as a human – I make it a habit to surround myself with information, people, literature and technology that in some way, shape or form pushes me to grow. I like the tension.


I stumbled across this man, Vincent Moon a French filmmaker who has been traveling the world with simply his backpack, a microphone, his laptop and a camera. He’s filmed many legendary musical icons and artists – but unlike the usual hollywood hyped locales he captures the essence of the sound in passionate ways.. in elevators, in kitchens, in remote off the beaten track paths. This is what captured me. In a single shot he draws us in to a world that can be tasted, touched and experienced all though a lens. It’s beautiful.


In this talk, Vincent explains how film and music can help people see their own cultures in a new way. The Ted talk is followed by a performance by jazz icon Nana Vasconcelos. I had to share this.


I have been moved by this man, his work and his vision. For more information on Vincent and his current project, CLICK.

Love to hear your thoughts on this video, share if you care.

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