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30 Day Cleanse: Breakfast! Out!

Day 9

One of my favorite things to do for weekend brunch, is to go for a delicious late-morning meal in the city.

  • Milestones in English Bay is a fun place to start pre-brunch with a delicious Caesar, as they just started using a fresh tomato juice from Whole Foods and the drinks are AMAZING… Even the virgin ones 😉


  • As for food and atmosphere, Provence Marinaside is always a fun one with their $6 mimosa’s and smoked salmon benedict.


  • If you want action, or at least a football game in the background, The Score on Davie has the best breakfast tacos around.


Heathy Options

I could get caught up talking about all the great places to go for an indulgent brunch, but let’s talk about where to go for a HEALTHY weekend breakfast!


Aphrodites Organic Cafe in Kits is great if you get there early enough to beat the rush!

Their décor makes the room feel nice and cozy, perfect for a pot of tea and some breakfast after a yoga session.


The Naam has the same ‘wait in line’ system, but for the price and size of the servings, it’s well worth the wait. Plus they have breakfast salads, shakes, fresh juice and lots of vegan and gluten-free options.


Heirloom Vegetarian just off Granville also has some fun bacon free options that are plenty satisfying, and many can be modified to work with the cleanse too. “No cheese please!”

Didn't eat the Ketchup!

Goals, worth every bite.

Doing a cleanse doesn’t have to mean ending your social life, you just have to know where you are going! And avoid those friends in your life that always want to go for a drink or to the next party. Stick to the ones that will help you reach your goals, not tempt you to the dark side 😉

Erin Ireland from does a fabulous food blog too, and did a great recap of the best places to brunch in Vancouver. You can read it here:

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