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30 Day Cleanse: Feet First

Day 11

During a cleanse there are so many things you can do to rid the toxins out of your body besides just taking the pills in the kit as instructed. You can drink tons of water, exercise, get a massage or even stick your feet in a bucket of water till it turns black.

Welcome to the Ionic Foot Bath.

The best way to tell you about it is to first show you pictures. This is what my clean-water foot bath looks like before the treatment… and wait until you see the after pictures below!


Ionic detoxification is easy and pain free. You book an appointment at one of the spa/treatment centres that offer the bath in Vancouver Element Wellness Centre in Kits , PhysioMed on Broadway or just google it!

How does it work?

It’s a relaxing, 30 minute appointment where warm water is added to a tub, along with sea salt. Once the tub is filled, you simply place your feet in and stay still for 30 minutes. The water goes through Ionization at an intensity level discussed with your practitioner. The process takes the atoms within the water and converts them into ions with a negative electric charge. You don’t really feel anything, except maybe a mild tingling effect.


After a few minutes, the negative particles create an environment where the bodies’ natural, daily process of cell waste removal begins to speed up. The water starts to change colors and you can match the colors to this chart to see what your body is ridding excess of:


The grime you see is a byproduct of cell waste that has been stored throughout the entire body, not just in the feet. Even though your kidneys are the natural detox organs, they need to be cleaned out too – and this can help. Pretty wild to see the difference from when I started the cleanse (Lots of black, red and brown!) to now, where the water was much clearer after the 30 minutes. I think my liver is happy.


words by | Taylor Jukes 

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