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Welcome to Gastown: TACOM!O

Dearest Gastown Neighbours,

If you happened to notice the resurrection of a giant sugar skull painted on an Abbott St window, smelled the succulence of slow roasted Carne’ or happen to walk by to be greeted by Gastowns newest executive chef and retruantuour Fernando Llana’s – you might already be feverish with anticipation.


Let’s Play: Two Truths & One Lie

1. The Restaurant is officially Open.

2. Jimi Hendrix, lover of all things mexican was the first customer.

3. The Food is so DAMN good that they are selling out of tacos with in hours.


Fhernando Llanas & Chef Partner in Crime (His Wife)

After a wildly successful opening, Fernando is pleased and excited to announce he is selling out daily! That’s right, the sign on the door isn’t some marketing ploy – we gastowners’ know good taco’s & TACOM!O has it locked. While the staff are working out their quantities, and searching for a bigger kitchen to do the roasting, get down here for lunch before they are gone.

A note from Fhernando:

We are a real mexican restaurant, what we are doing here is our take on Mexican food -everything is house made except for our tortillas and that’s simply because we don’t have the space for it. We make our own waters, sauces everything is house made. Our menu has 10 items and we will rotate in order to always be offering something fresh. Our Tortillas are gluten free, we will always offer something vegan, vegetarian, pork, chicken, what ever the freshest daily product, that what I will use.

Everything we do is here. I want to apologize to the customers, our space is so limited. We are working very hard in order to produce larger quantities of tacos.

For me; I want to have food for everyone. Our hours will be 11-5 and that’s what we are working towards. Right now, and I can’t thank you enough for your support, we have sold out every day since our opening.

I wanted to ask you, if you didn’t make it in before sell out – please give us a chance and come back soon.


So neighbours… get down there for some lunch… before it’s all gone!

Taco’s with Attitude & Real Mexican Flavor

 @Tacomiovancouver | @Tacomiovan | @tacomio

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