Taylor Jukes


Taylor Jukes is a music and food-loving Virgin Radio, Program Director in Toronto, Ont. running a radio station by day, cooking and eating out by night.


She’s inquisitive and explorative in the kitchen, having worked with a nutritionist early in life to learn about whole foods and healthy living. Practicing the gluten-free lifestyle, she offers great perspective on Vancouver’s gastronomic society and provides insight on how to have a little fun in the kitchen without having to loosen your belt.


Her Instagram is full of beautiful culinary creations and you can follow the 30 day cleanse photos under the hashtag #lovebeinghere.

Follow Taylor on Instagram & show us YOUR culinary creations using the hashtag #lovebeinghere

Follow the 30 Day Cleanse, here on LBH.

Day 1: Day 3: | Day 5: | Day 7: | Day 9: | Day 11: | Day 13: | Day 15: | Finished!


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