Oh Captain, My Captain

Today is the day, the day that has pulled me to Africa. For six months I had been preparing to hike in South America, that was my travel direction; that […]

Music Monday, Shark Attack

This music Monday is brought to you from Gansbaai, South Africa. Today we are going Shark Cage Diving, there is only one song appropriate for todays Music Monday… Enjoy, Happy […]

Can’t sleep.

I’ve been laying here for a few hours looking up at random star constellations that I don’t recognize, that’s strange for me as I’ve spent my entire life looking up, […]

Love Being Here

Now that I am actually here, I’ve realized posting from my ipad is going to be a challenge. That is a sign for me to be present, so be it. […]

Tales from the Dam.

Arrival: First thoughts. After the run around in Seattle we arrived into Amsterdam about 2.5 hours behind schedule. My first thoughts, having never been to this city before was that […]

Day One

Where to even begin. Today is a day of everything and nothing. This post will be brought to you from 30 000 feet. My iPad tells me it’s 7:20pm.. Thus […]

Life Hacker Post: $86,400.00

I’ll be happy when… All night I’ve been tossing and turning. Thinking about a friend of mine, Kyle. Kyle’s had some heart trouble recently most probably related to stress/high blood […]

Music Monday: Kongos

Come with me now: Kongos I’ve been digging this song for the last few days. I love music, my playlist cycles FREQUENTLY. I call it my Life Soundtrack. I like […]

Simply Saturday

There is something deeply rewarding to me about spending a Monsoon Rainy Saturday at home reading, it’s intentional. It’s quiet. It’s safe. It’s peaceful even in a house full of […]

Man in the Arena VS Invictus, my thoughts.

What is the common denominator between the prose; Invictus,  sometimes knows as “The Night that Covers Me” by William Ernest Henley, & The Man in the Arena, taken from Theodore […]

Catch 122

Located in historic Gastown, Catch 122 serves up rustic French food in a casual setting. Simple food you can relate to: comfort cuisine, wicked coffee, daily fresh-baked pastries, house-made charcuterie, […]


Atomique Productions, Phillips Brewing & Malting Co., and The Zone at 91-3 present… THE PHILLIPS BACKYARD WEEKENDER 2016 Friday, July 8 – Sunday, July 10 The Phillips Brewery Backyard 19+ […]

Music Monday

It’s Monday, nothing awesome about that being that its the furthest point from the upcoming weekend. Well if ever there was a day that needed a little lift – MUSIC […]

Nature Therapy

Having a bad day? Might I introduce you to my very favourite stress busting healer: Nature Therapy. Short Definition: Simply head into nature & start sweating out some stress. Much cheaper […]

Trust the Process

Influence. I have this theory.. (okay, if you stick around awhile you will notice I have a LOT of theories.. I am perpetually thinking. I probably should have been a […]