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The Art of Disappointment

Originally posted on Full Disclosure – I basically had a mental breakdown two weeks ago. I wrote a manifesto below all about it. Pour yourself a drink and enjoy. […]

30 Day Cleanse: Oops

Day 15 Let me start this by saying no one is perfect. Right? Yesterday I failed to follow my strict diet on the 30-day cleanse due to a Christmas party. […]

30 Day Cleanse: Mmmm Coffeeee

Day 13 Almost two weeks into the cleanse and I’m feeling great! Initially there were some uncomfortable days. When you stop drinking coffee cold-turkey you tend to get a bad […]

30 Day Cleanse: Feet First

Day 11 During a cleanse there are so many things you can do to rid the toxins out of your body besides just taking the pills in the kit as […]

30 Day Cleanse: Breakfast! Out!

Day 9 One of my favorite things to do for weekend brunch, is to go for a delicious late-morning meal in the city. Milestones in English Bay is a fun […]

30 Day Cleanse: To have or to have not..?

Day 3: Tips & Tricks Here’s snapshot of what I’m not allowing myself to have while cleansing for the next month; Alcohol, sugar, honey, artificial sweeteners, diet pops, dairy (except greek […]

30 days of Self Care

Energy is an interesting thing. I can go from this: to Preeeetty quickly. Post Adventure. Post Traveling. Post Deadline.  Coming down is always so hard for me. Yesterday I was […]

The Human Condition – Balance

  The last few days I am and have been actively in one of those mysterious opportunities which come around exactly when they are most needed. In order for the […]

Lush Summer, Simply.

Sometimes it really is just this simple. Clean ingredients, lovely community gathering, bright, fresh colours, take it in. To round out this beautiful succulent experience, let me introduce.. Jeremiah Bullfrog & […]